Zcash is Silver 2.0

In ancient times, silver held prominence as a unit of measurement and currency, often surpassing gold in practicality. Its widespread availability and lower cost made it more accessible for trade and daily transactions.

I am not a Christian myself, but I have read the Bible out of interest. Notably, the Bible references silver in the story of Zechariah, where 30 pieces of silver were used to betray Jesus. This highlights the historical significance of silver as a medium of exchange in various cultures.

Zcash, being a privacy-centric cryptocurrency, could adopt the tagline “Silver 2.0” to symbolise its role as the modern-day equivalent of silver in the digital realm. Just as silver was valued for its versatility in ancient times, Zcash emphasises privacy and fungibility in the realm of cryptocurrencies, akin to the historical role of silver in trade and currency. The tagline underscores Zcash’s commitment to providing users with a secure and private means of conducting transactions in the digital age.

Now’s the perfect moment to dub Zcash “Silver 2.0”. it’s like giving the common man a cryptocurrency cape🛡️. While Bitcoin struts around as the affluent Gold 2.0, Zcash swoops in by way of its lower price, making it the Robin Hood of digital currency. Affordable, private, and ready to rescue your transactions from the clutches of high prices.

What’s your opinion?



it’s gold 3.0; bitcoin is gold 2.0 and we added privacy and hopefully will add the second layer on top. the common man can be their own bank and mint their own stablecoins or fiat with ZEC or other assets as collateral.


:100: - Zcash Is definitely not silver, it’s Gold 3.0.

FWIW - LTC has already been branded silver.


Zcash is the evolution of bitcoin. Not considering the mining fee.
The mining fee is ABSURD

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Mining fees are real costs. So we cant fool ourselves into thinking the costs are not real or there by hiding them in inflation. That is what the governments do to fool people. We are supposed to be better than that…We need to implement transaction fees ASAP so we can keep our eye on the ball, better define what performance even means, scale up with more assets and improved functionality (to spread fixed costs out over more transactions so they are lower on a per TXN basis) and reduce overall mining costs by using POS (or something better) to lower mining costs.

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Zcash is Bitcoin 2.0

(Inherits all Bitcoin features, while adding the layers that provide messaging, zkp privacy, ZSA, PoS Yield, et al)