Zcash, JubJub and the future of global privacy

I believe the JubJub update will be a key to bringing more people around the world access to true crypt0 privacy. Once “JubJub” is released do yall expect to see shielded addresses become the “standard” across exchanges and 3rd party services when sending/receiving ZEC? Do you think we will see the amount of shielded transactions on the network overtake transparent ones after JubJub?

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I hope so. There’s a clear benefit to anonymity sets of increasing the volume of shielded transactions, and I believe that volume will increase substantially after Sapling. Also, there’s a lot of “technical debt” inherited from Bitcoin and associated with the transparent transaction support, that we want to be able to remove eventually. (That won’t happen until well after Sapling, but Sapling already takes into account some requirements for removing transparent support, such as sending mining rewards directly to z-addresses in coinbase transactions.)