Zcash price at opening bell

Anyone have any guesses at what the price will be or should be?

Probably will be overpriced, the project has been hyped for years.


And yet, here you are.

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Well I think we all agree we are here to mine some money out of thin air at the very beginning, and then wait a few years while our thin air becomes millions of bucks.

It might seem like that if someone else pays for your internet access, eletricity and computer(s). Speaking for myself, I’ve already spent quite a few hundred dollars on more capable hardware so if I manage to mine any zec it won’t be money for nothing.

Also, I’m drawn to Zcash for the financial privacy it promises.

true, I’ve did the same thing (spent quite a few hundred dollars on hardware) and as you said:

it won’t be money for nothing

But how do you know what hardware is best for mining? Has the mining algorithm been decided yet?

At this point, the mining algorithm will be Equihash.

Why Equihash? - Electric Coin Company [April 15]
New Alpha Release: Equihash and Founders' Reward - Electric Coin Company [April 13]

I’ve been doing my own investigation of how well various computers I have at my disposal cope with testnet mining and from that I extrapolate where my money is best spent.

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