Zcash Prop.House

NounsDAO gives out small grants from its treasury on a weekly cadence to builders using a tool called Prop House (www.prop.house). The idea is they disperse small grants on-chain (in ETH) on a weekly cadence to incentivize builders permissionlessly. (Builders don’t need to KYC)

Would ZCG consider experimenting with permissionless micro grants? If it’s not possible given the current framework, perhaps an auxillary group could fund something like this and seed a few micro grants as an experiment.


Do we have a trustworthy, public-facing team to run such an operation for Zcash micro grants? If yes, I believe @ZcashGrants can consider bootstrapping such an initiative.

The ZIP-1014 states that the slice of the Dev Fund is intended to fund independent teams entering the Zcash ecosystem, to perform major ongoing development (or other work) for the public good of the Zcash ecosystem, to the extent that such teams are available and effective.


The idea with prop.house is that it is a permissionless platform, with grant “rounds” voted on by NFT holders.

It would require some web-dev to set it up, but I think it could be done for Zcash projects with current infrastructure on Ethereum like renZec (or similar).

While the Dev Fund is intended to perform major ongoing development work, is there a need for minor, one-off-type micro projects?