Zcash Server Starting ... and Failed

Trying to restart the server after rebooting and I can’t get back into the Beta.

Not sure how to get back in.

x@xxx:~ ~/zcash/./src/zcashd -daemon Zcash server starting x@xxx:~ zcashd: wallet/wallet.cpp:605: void CWallet::IncrementNoteWitnesses(const CBlockIndex*, const CBlock*, ZCIncrementalMerkleTree): Assertion `nWitnessCacheSize >= nd->witnesses.size()’ failed.

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I’m getting this too

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This error appears to have occurred after I had transferred funds from my public accounts to my private account.

I still can’t start the daemon again. :frowning:

Anyway I can get it started again will be appreciated.

As a bad patch to keep on mining, maybe you can move the wallet.dat out of .zcash/testnet3 to let new mining create a new wallet.

Fixed the problem by deleting testnet3, forgot about the wallet, lost my coins :expressionless:

Then again, if the problem was with the wallet as it seems, at least I don’t need to worry about this anymore (unless it happens again…) I’ll be backing up my address keys from now on!

Sounds like a fix is needed, but maybe stopping the miner with the following command before doing any transfer activity would stop it from messing up.

~/zcash/src/zcash-cli setgenerate false

restart with “true”, assuming genproclimit is in zcash.conf instead of command line(?)

If you still have the data files, or come across this issue again, please zip up the testnet3 folder and share with the team. Also provide information about your set-up. There is a ticket open about this issue here: error on startup: Assertion `nWitnessCacheSize >= nd->witnesses.size()' failed. · Issue #1378 · zcash/zcash · GitHub

I’ve still got my testnet3 folder. I’ll zip it up and send it through. What address / location do I send it to?

@daira and @str4d if you haven’t resolved the issue with error on startup: Assertion `nWitnessCacheSize >= nd->witnesses.size()' failed. · Issue #1378 · zcash/zcash · GitHub and are curious what commands occured before the error occured, I’ve provided Simon the testnet3 folder. Basically, I was moving mined funds to protected addresses while the miner was still mining. I shut down the computer and rebooted. Then I tried to restart the daemon and got the … ‘Assertion `nWitnessCacheSize >= nd->witnesses.size()’ failed’ message.

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had exactly same issue and also made a backup of my testnet3 folder.

I am Having The Same Problem Now What Is The Solution

Everything was good until I upgraded to beta2? any advice to start from complete scratch>? As in what to remove and what not?

Thanks in advance!