Zcash should publicise grants more widely

IMHO I believe that Zcash should announce it’s grants more widely as it increases people’s confidence in the grants and the institutions.

Unless someone is actively watching Zcash Reddit sub / forums they wouldn’t know about new initiatives that are being funded.

Twitter and other community channels etc should also be deployed in these announcements to increase visibility. This will also show other talent that they can also apply for grants to develop for the Zcash eco system.

As Monero fuds the Zcash dev fee, Zcash can, by publicising the grant allocations more widely, increase confidence and let Zcash users be more aware of how the dev fee etc is being spent and get ahead of Moneros fud.

As we see here from these screenshots, Monero are always trying to spread fud around Zcash and its contributors, by publicising the grants awarded more widely, Zcash can get ahead and stay ahead of these fudders


Nobody cares about Monero FUD. No matter what we do they will always find something to poke at, it’s what they do.

Anyone who actually has “concerns” about how Grant funds are being spent can spend 5 minutes of effort to glance at all the projects funded at https://grants.zfnd.org/proposals or browse through these forums.

ZOMG does post about funded grants on Twitter:

And other Zcash Twitter accounts help spread the news:


You do not defeat an adversary by reacting to their moves, you succeed by determining their objectives and preventing them.

They want our attention & we don’t care, mission accomplished.


I might put it differently but yes its about attention and the idea that more and more data convienently excuses people from having to pay it.

I saw this,

This is a light hearted post, i thought it was funny because of fireice and monero mutual dislike has somehow got me involved (I did stuff on randomx, lol)

i noticed it says crooks, scammers and miscreants. (plural)

I have to admit I do not know much if anything about Elliot - but he is very good to work with, same with fireice.

but who have i scammed, how am i a crook? or a miscreant? (why did the person use 3 words to describe crook?)

it though this would be worse tbh.

I agree with the principle in general but in the context of this thread (publicising grants), what about there is no such thing as bad advertising?

One thing Elliot and I are doing is documenting ourselves quite extensively so we can form a template, from everything from applying to how to handle security, development, etc so others should have an easier time of it. maybe getting more very small teams like us 3 involved.

Im hoping we can do an autopsy 2 months after launch on the gardening club. (I havnet mentioned this to the team yet)

We are not going to get everything right so it is important to document the failures as much as the successes so others can build upon it.

What about towards academia?

Phineas T. Barnum didn’t know what he was talking about…

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Thats from your link as the earliest version in print. has a very different meaning in the context of this thread.