Zcash Thorchain Integration Grant

Though I have no objections against the idea of this project, I would like to bring a couple of points.

In my opinion,

A. Budget

The budget is excessive.

10k and 20k for Thorchain devs + infrastructure seem reasonable, but 228 260 $ for the development of the bridge is too high. Especially for a task, which in teams’ own words, is

  1. Bitfrost chain client integration - this piece observes the new chain and passes information to Thorchain.
  2. Zcash node daemon - the actual node daemon to run a Zcash node that’ll be required by the node operators.
  3. Unit Tests for ZEC.
  4. xchainjs wrapper for the wallet - the cross-chain JS library that serves as the UI/application integration point for all Thorchain products in the ecosystem (basically wraps the new chain w/ a uniform API in JS)
  1. is zcashd. 3) are tests. The team’s deliverables are a script and block chain monitor. This should be more likely ~20k considering they can reuse their block explorer code.

B. Execution

The team has received 2 majors grants and has not delivered anything of substance yet.

  • Nighthawk Wallet Design & Development '21: 351 200 USD
  • Zcash Block Explorer: 51 000 USD

AFAIK (I do not represent ZOMG), there are no progress reported and no visible deliverables yet. Also, if I recall correctly, they requested and obtained upfront payment.

Personally, I do not find them reliable and their work so far has not met the quality of zcash software.