Zcash Thorchain Integration Grant

thinking that Mixing > Cryptography, is one reason i will never use Thorchain tech :smiley:
i like Monero too tho

There is a large Monero community presence pushing for XMR integration on Thorchain.

In other news, my team has onboarded an experienced Python developer to help finish the Milestone 3 of Zcash integration on Thorchain.


I don’t even think it is true, right? With Monero, the anonymity for txns is based on the decoy set per txn. Whereas with Zcash, the anonymity is based on the pool of shielded txns (much larger than Monero).

Another example of “if you don’t define the narrative, it will be defined for you.”

Now, if they were mocking Zcash for having chain bloat and one working shielded light wallet, then I guess that would be fair game :rofl:


Yep; they don’t know what they’re talking about. The anon set for a Monero tx is just the 10 decoys. 9 of which might be known to a tx-flooding attacker who’s willing to pay the majority of tx fees for a few months.


Are there any means to keep these development efforts prioritized? Shielded ZEC available on Thorchain would be a huge leap forward to the context of allowing people to acquire ZEC in a fully private way.


Follow the @NighthawkApps monthly updates.
@vamsi has been keeping up with Thorchain updates, new processes and integrating the various codebases to get transparent ZEC on Thorchain.
The idea has always been the ability to swap & withdraw ZEC from Thorchain & Auto-shield it in a wallet.


I agree. It has been one year now with no updates. Where did this grant money go?

@Blazin8888 - Here’s the most recent update from December 5th:

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After several attempts to communicate with Adi and the Nighthawk team over the past two weeks, with no meaningful response, and in light of the slow progress on the Thorchain grant since its approval in November 2021, the Zcash Community Grants committee has unanimously decided to cancel the remaining milestones of this grant, which total $103,304.

ZCG recognizes the urgent need for DEX support for Zcash and is committed to exploring alternative solutions to meet this need.


and again the nighthawk team has under delivered, i hope this was the last grant that they received!


all sunk costs. just need to keep plugging the leaks.

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The track record has not been very good. From the screenshots you posted at twitter it is clear that you were not very responsive, replying back after weeks to Dan(received message on dec 5 and replied back on jan 18, that also when he contacted you back and then too asked him to get in touch with vamsi). Its seems you have taken this grant for granted.

Btw I am just curious about where are your devs based at? In particular Vamsi?
For a team based out in India, I can easily hire the best of talent for half that you have already received.

Only thing that will change my mind about your team’s work is that if you deliver on the rest of the entire work and then ask for the release of the pending milestone payments.


Too late. Trust and opportunity lost.


Adi posted about it on Twitter after it was already posted here.

Just saw this on Twitter.

:cry: I hope this is a misunderstanding and can be sorted out.

Between the delays, and IMO unlikelihood the TC integration would be accepted, I don’t mind the cancellation. From a fiscal responsibility position, and due to the delays incurred, I believe not only is the grant cancellation fair yet any reinstatement should have all milestones contingent on mainnet deployment.

If the integration was to be developed, yet wasn’t deployed or was deployed distinctly, that’d offer a distinct return on value justifying a distinct discussion IMO.


I don’t want to sound callous, but it’s been 2 years. What difference would a few weeks make?

Edit: I suggest the introduction of a sunset clause like in property development contracts.


I stand by my support of ZCG cancelling it.

Life is cruel, but business is business.


I don’t think you are callous. You are making a reasonable question.

The way I see it, there are two parts in the post from ZCG: problems with recent comms and grant progress

I’m referring to the “lack of communication” part in the last two weeks which is being disputed.

By reading Adi’s posts, there’s an apparent mixup that shall be clarified.

About the progress. I don’t have an insight on that and it’s something that ZCG and Grantees must agree upon so it’s not my place to emit an opinion.

By reading the public info there is in the forums (and now in social media), some progress was being made, delays were acknowledged by Adi’s team and apparently he was looking forward to meet with ZCG.

Also by taking public info, ZCG is communicating they believe there has not been progress adequately reported to them and they have not been able to communicate with the grantee.

Just to be super clear. I’m not taking anyone’s side.

I’m just trying to understand what happened, and hoping that everything can be sorted out the best possible way for the benefit of the ecosystem as a whole.

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