Zcash Thorchain Integration Grant

Nice, I figured it was, thanks for the follow up :+1:


UPDATE: Progress towards milestone 2 for Thorchain integration:

Link to Draft PR for changes to Thorchain Node Launcher Zcash daemon (!383) · Merge requests · THORChain / DevOps / Node Launcher · GitLab

Link to Draft PR for adding ZEC support to xchainjs repo: Resolve: ADD `xchain-zcash` by veado · Pull Request #454 · xchainjs/xchainjs-lib · GitHub

We also opened up a Draft PR to Add Zcash support to Thornode Draft: Resolve "Thorchain for Zcash" (!2036) · Merge requests · THORChain / THORNode · GitLab

In this PR, Thornode changes to support Zcash were implemented.
Mainly :

  • Added logic to parse an address
  • Added logic in regards to how to update gas
  • Added logic to get address from a pubic key
  • Created ocker composer file to run the Zcash chain client , run it in regtest mode.

The WIP Draft PRs will be marked as ready following Bifrost changes, further end-to-end testing and collaboration with Thorchain devs in the next milestone.


What’s the status of the Bifrost chain client integration software?


Bifrost work will commence with Milestone 2 as per plan:

Write Bifrost chain client integration software, add Zcash daemon, write unit tests and xchainjs wrapper to enable Zcash swaps.


So the deliverables listed under milestone 2 on the grants platform are to be delivered/completed before milestone 3?

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Correct, the Bifrost integration work will be completed under milestone 2.


Roger that. :+1:


Hey all, I want to provide a brief update on the current status of Zcash <> Thorchain integration.

Bifrost interface implementation is 60% completed and Veado(xchanjs) has reviewed the ZEC xchainjs implementation and suggested alternate implementation without using type casts. 18th Jan was scheduled to be the 3rd milestone delivery, but last month, @vamsi & xchainjs devs contracted COVID infection which set us back by 3 weeks behind schedule. It was a serious health issue and I’m glad that both the devs recovered strongly. It is in times like these that remind us that health is everything. The devs have recovered well and plan to get through the remaining work as soon as possible.

After raising the PRs for review, here is the schedule shared by Leena from Thorchain:

  1. Review the UTXO Bifrost Logic List by Pluto (9R) and make sure ZCASH meets all logic requirements
  2. Submit to HildisvíniÓttar for a vulnerability review
  3. Submit your node-launcher update to Fandral for a review
  4. Submit your xchain-zcash PR to veado
  5. Identify a THORChain ecosystem wallet who will flagship your launch and work to get it integrated.
  6. Launch ZCASH on stagenet

This is as far as it will get. It will sit on stagenet for a few weeks for stability, then sometime after that be merged into mainnet and flagged for launch.

We’ll follow up on this update in the regular monthly @NighthawkApps update.


Hope the crew is feeling better! Have we submitted PR for review yet? :pray:


Per the last update, the sign transaction portion is pending. As soon as it’s ready, Zcash should be good to enter the PR review and stagenet schedule.


Didn’t see that there. Appreciate it.


Bump 3 months later, can anyone provide an update on this project?

The Thorchain updates have moved to the @NighthawkApps Monthly Update.
The testing work was underestimated and is currently ongoing. The team is committed to delivering all the requirements as per the updated Thorchain Steps to add a new chain criterion.

Additionally, Thorchain is focussing on L1 swaps only after the recent UST-Luna debacle.


It’s interesting to see the official Thorchain Twitter account shitting on Zcash in comparison to Monero.


thinking that Mixing > Cryptography, is one reason i will never use Thorchain tech :smiley:
i like Monero too tho

There is a large Monero community presence pushing for XMR integration on Thorchain.

In other news, my team has onboarded an experienced Python developer to help finish the Milestone 3 of Zcash integration on Thorchain.


I don’t even think it is true, right? With Monero, the anonymity for txns is based on the decoy set per txn. Whereas with Zcash, the anonymity is based on the pool of shielded txns (much larger than Monero).

Another example of “if you don’t define the narrative, it will be defined for you.”

Now, if they were mocking Zcash for having chain bloat and one working shielded light wallet, then I guess that would be fair game :rofl:


Yep; they don’t know what they’re talking about. The anon set for a Monero tx is just the 10 decoys. 9 of which might be known to a tx-flooding attacker who’s willing to pay the majority of tx fees for a few months.


Are there any means to keep these development efforts prioritized? Shielded ZEC available on Thorchain would be a huge leap forward to the context of allowing people to acquire ZEC in a fully private way.


Follow the @NighthawkApps monthly updates.
@vamsi has been keeping up with Thorchain updates, new processes and integrating the various codebases to get transparent ZEC on Thorchain.
The idea has always been the ability to swap & withdraw ZEC from Thorchain & Auto-shield it in a wallet.