Zcash today: not a decentralised coin

Reading this report makes any Zcash user sad.

It’s such a shame that the founders of this “not yet so private” coin had their transactions deciphered.
Plus there seems to be a huge problem also with distribution centralisation where 78% of the wealth is centralised into just 1% of the Zcash user population, making ZEC one of the most centralised coins ever.
It will be worth to continue researching who is that 1%, are they the owners/founders, new investors, exchanges, invisible ASIC miners, …?

This research has already been addressed: Maintaining Privacy - Electric Coin Company

The bottom line is don’t use Z_addresses as a pass-thru feature, use it to store your funds and withdraw different amounts than you input. Or better yet, avoid sending to T_addresses at all.

We need Ledger Wallet to manage zAdresses.

for ZEC’s age this is actually pretty good. zcash will need several boom/bust cycles to even out distribution.