Zcash-vanity: GPU-based z-addr vanity address generator written in Rust/OpenCL


I've written a fast GPU-based vanity address generator, for finding a z-addr that matches a specific prefix or set of prefixes (with optional case-insensitivity). Ignoring the "zc", it can find a 6-character prefix in around 30 seconds on a GTX 1080 Ti, e.g.


All you need to do is install Rust, and then run cargo install zcash-vanity.

You can read more about it here, and the source code is also available.

The core is written in OpenCL for portability across GPU platforms, and the rest is written in Rust.

Happy vanity generating!


Very cool work, thank you for making this for the community! :zcash::heart:


Thanks, Jason! When Sapling support?

I am not seeing any updates to the request

There are already several Zcash related projects on my plate but I may be willing to tackle this too at some point if there is enough community interest.