Zcash - идеальное платёжное средство будущего


Отличная статья, спасибо)

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(I read a version translated to English by Google Chrome’s builtin feature. I will also translate this post to Russian using translate.google.com. Я прочитал версию, переведенную на английский язык встроенной функцией Google Chrome. Я также переведу этот пост на русский язык с помощью translate.google.com.)

This was very well written and overlaps a good deal with my understanding of Zcash’s position and the strategy direction we at ECC advocate for. Это было очень хорошо написано и во многом перекликается с моим пониманием позиции Zcash и направления стратегии, которое мы в ECC отстаиваем.

Two substantial areas were absent: the Dev Fund and the governance institutions that are developing. I’m curious why they were absent. Отсутствовали две существенные области: Фонд разработки и развивающиеся институты управления. Мне любопытно, почему их не было.

Does the author believe they aren’t of primary importance for this thesis? What would be the impact of including these areas into the thesis? Would that strengthen or weaken the thesis? Считает ли автор, что они не имеют первостепенного значения для этого тезиса? Каким будет влияние включение этих областей в диссертацию? Усилит это или ослабит тезис?

Has the author disclosed being present on https://forum.zcashcommunity.com or in this thread, or is that fact unknown? Раскрыл ли автор свое присутствие на https://forum.zcashcommunity.com или в этой ветке, или этот факт неизвестен?

Because English is my only fluent language, I really appreciate seeing a good discussion coming from other language speakers. It helps me learn better the extent of the global Zcash community. Поскольку английский - мой единственный язык, на котором я свободно говорю, мне очень приятно видеть хорошее обсуждение, исходящее от носителей другого языка. Это помогает мне лучше узнать масштабы глобального сообщества Zcash.

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Hello, Nathan! I’m very flattered that you are interested in my text. I’m also writing to you via google translate as my english is poor. I apologize in advance for possible mistakes.

Everything in order…

This is my article and we chatted on Twitter today (@RuZcash)

I believe that the development fund, as well as all activities aimed at the separation of development funding centers, is important for the future of ZEC. In my article, I didn’t mention this (perhaps in vain), only because I did not want to burden the reader even more with an already large amount of information.

I focused on the main fear in my opinion, which, as it seems to me, makes most investors doubt the success of Zcash - this is the fear of a ban with consequences in the form of massive delisting from exchanges. Most often, in conversations with people in Russia, I hear exactly these assumptions (in our location we know what sudden bans are, and therefore the habit of doubting among Russian people is very developed). I wrote this article as a quick and handy way to reasonably substantiate the erroneousness of this assumption. We don’t always have enough time to give a sufficient number of arguments in a short conversation. Therefore, this article will be useful as a possible continuation of the conversation. So that the reader can make sure that I have studied the subject deeply enough, I have provided the article with a large number of links to various primary sources. My main goal was to be convincing. Overall, I hope I can write a series of articles about Zcash, with a different perspective.

I can express my own opinion regarding the assessment of the scale of the Russian-speaking community. Many of those who are interested in cryptocurrencies in one way or another know about Zcash. The vast majority of those who know about ZEC have previously mined it on GPU. In Russia, GPU-based home mining is very popular because it can generate good income and allows people to take advantage of the low cost of electricity in Russia relative to other countries in the world. With the departure of GPU mining Zcash, interest has waned. However, I cannot call miners a quality audience with a long-term investment interest. I notice that along with the decline in the audience that follows the ZEC news, the quality of this audience has improved significantly. She has matured a lot and most often I communicate with people over 35.
These people are less willing to contact and try don’t demonstrate their interest in cryptocurrencies, so they don’t active communicate on forums or chat rooms. However, with those with whom I managed to communicate, the absolute majority see great potential in the coin. As a rule, these are loners with their own opinions, who are guided by their own conclusions and are used to looking for information on their own. They try not to comment so as not to declare their interest in cryptocurrencies.

It’s also worth noting the small amount of content about Zcash in Russian. Often the articles on the coin have very outdated information. To make my contribution to fixing this situation, I opened a Twitter account and give short comments to most of the news published in order to draw attention to the points where, in my opinion, important things are. Why Twitter? Because it has a more conscious audience in Russia.


Thanks! Very helpful information for me. Thanks for providing such an important resource for Russian speakers. I hope to keep in touch with the Russian Zcash community. Perhaps we can meet someday after the pandemic ends and it’s easy to travel again. Спасибо! Очень полезная информация для меня. Спасибо за предоставление такого важного ресурса для русскоговорящих. Я надеюсь поддерживать связь с российским сообществом Zcash. Возможно, мы сможем встретиться когда-нибудь после окончания пандемии, и снова будет легко путешествовать.

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