Zcashd deprecation roadmap

Hello. Yesterday @oxarbitrage, @str4d, @nuttycom, @ebfull and I spent some time fleshing out the tasks that are necessary for zcashd deprecation, and the dependencies between them. You can see a live view of these (generated from GitHub and Zenhub data) under “zcashd deprecation DAG” at the Developer DAG page.

I hope that this will help to clarify the work toward zcashd deprecation that will need to be done in collaboration between ECC and ZF. There’s a lot to do! The graph will be refined and added to as we go along.

Working with ZF’s engineers and project manager @pili is always a pleasure, and I’m sure we can make progress at a good pace.


Zcash needs a roadmap like this for deprecation of taddrs …


From the point of view of an dex dev, I’d like to mention the API/features that I’ve been relying on in zcashd:

  • regnet with custom activation heights
  • generate
  • list accounts
  • get new account
  • get address for account
  • get utxos
  • get balance
  • import address
  • shield coinbase
  • z send many
  • get block count
  • get block hash
  • get block
  • invalidate block
  • reconsider block
  • get transaction (with tx input address.& amount, insightexplorer=1)
  • get raw transaction
  • get raw mempool
  • send raw transaction

I’ve replicated this list of capabilities to the relevant GitHub issue. Anyone else who has specific functionality they are currently using, please post there or ping us so we can include it there!


Do we want to have a dedicated #zcash-deprecation channel on the Zcash R&D Discord for this project?

ETA: If not, which channel should we use?

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Thus far we’ve been using #wallet-dev.

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We already had some issues related to pool deprecation; I’ve now added DAG renders for them: Zcash sprout-deprecation DAG, Zcash transparent-deprecation DAG. These graphs needs significantly more filling out, but any subsequent gardening on that front will now be more easily visible there.