Zcashd RPC Documentation Website

Hello my friends,

it’s me again! Today I want to introduce one of many side projects I’m working on: a Zcashd RPC Documentation Website, check it out here.

What is it?

It’s a simple website containing documentation on all Zcashd RPC calls.
I’m quite proud of it, since I never worked a lot with front end development. I’d say it turned out pretty ok.


Ok, what’s the big deal?
Searching online, I could only find outdated documentation on Zcashd RPC. (this and this).
Maybe there’s a more updated one, but I coudn’t find it.

The interface is very modern and user friendly, it can filter by category or by command search.

Either way, this one I’ve made, has a cool script that automatically generates the documentation. So it’s easy to always have an updated version :slightly_smiling_face:.


Since I really don’t know if there’s demand for this kind of site, I hosted it on a free hosting service. But if it gets some relevance, I can purchase a nice domain and host it on a paid service (and it’s opensource, if you want, feel free to host it as well).

Also … few of you might noticed that this website looks suspiciously familiar to ChainQuery. Yeah, I don’t have a lot experince programming front end, so I need some “inspiration”.

Also, also … Yes, my idea is to make my website be capable of making RPC calls to the blockchain just like ChainQuery! But before I invest much time in this, I would like to read some feedback, if this kind of project has any value to Zcash, if there’s demmand for this, if it’s a worthless project, etc …

So what do guys think?

P.S. I havent tested this website thoroughly, so please report any bugs :wink:


Thats awesome!

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Wow. This is really useful. Thanks so much for building it.


This is :hot_pepper: :owl: Great idea sir