Zcashd / zcash-cli alternate wallet file options

Can a wallet file on a USB drive be specified when calling either of these programs? Also, does zcash-cli interact with the user’s wallet or is it actually zcashd doing that?

You can launch zcashd with the -datadir= option to tell it where to find everything that normally goes in ~/.zcash/, including the wallet.dat file.

zcash-cli makes rpc calls to zcashd, it does not ever touch the wallet or any other files on disk directly itself.

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Thank you for your answer. For now, it seems like I’d be better off to temporarily copy an alternate wallet.dat into the .zcash folder. Before I start messing around, do you know if a sym-link in that folder to a wallet.dat file on a USB drive would work?

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I do not know if a symlink will work or not

but it sounds like a worthy experiment :slight_smile: