ZcashGrants.org is Live!

The launch of the new Zcash Grants Hub - the central point of access for @ZcashGrants, Zcash Foundation Grants, and other community funding programs is now live!


With the new Zcash Grants Hub live and ready to accept Zcash Community Grants requests (with more programs to be listed soon), please keep in mind the following:

  • If you have an existing grant with milestones remaining, please continue to use the “old” grants platform until your grant is complete.
  • If you are requesting a new grant, please use the new Zcash Grants Hub to submit your request.
  • There are currently two tracts within the Zcash Community Grants program when you click “Apply” on the Hub: Request for Sponsorship and the broader Request for Funding. The Request for Sponsorship tract is streamlined and specific to sponsorships. If you specify that your request isn’t a request for sponsorship you will go straight into the Request for Funding process.
  • If you are new to the Submittable platform, you can learn more about how to submit grant requests to Zcash Community Grants via this FAQ.

If you have questions or feedback, please contact grants@zfnd.org or post here tagging @decentralistdan.



Looks awesome. Just wondering why we need so many separate websites? A ZCG standalone website and a grant hub website where the grants are submitted…

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Thanks! Multiple entry points for interested individuals to be funneled to the same place(s). Increases our collective reach and allows for content to be presented in different ways by different groups within the ecosystem. Plus, the grants platform is built for the specific purpose of receiving proposals/requests and it doesn’t lend itself to sharing all of the information that ZCG would like to share. All together I think we’re collectively (ZF/ZCG/ECC/?) building a great portfolio of educational and engaging resources across a variety of platforms. Still a lot of work to do!