Zchain | Zcash Block Explorer (Beta)

Announcing the Zchain block explorer! Beta live on beta 2 testnet on explorer.zcha.in, should be both mobile and desktop-friendly. Currently features network statistics, blocks, transactions, accounts, browsing and sorting - more to come.

Give it a spin, let me know what you think and what you would find useful (and/or not useful) in a Zcash block explorer!


Initial impressions are really good, nice work! Love to see the API functionality.

GOOD!:blush: explorer.zcha.in Very professional

Great job. Hopefully u become the blockchain.info of Zcash.

It is great, if u please add network parameters like Global Hashpower etc in API.

Really great, thank you very much, lustro!.

How to mining zcash??

Zchain updated to RC2 (testnet4).

@entropy Do you mean the network parameters shown on the homepage?

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Yah… those as API along with address balance.

blockchain explore still rc2?

Just switching to a more powerful server - explorer.zcha.in now on testnet RC4, will be switched to mainnet as soon as the genesis block is released.

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Nice work, I’ll use it (y)

Now featuring price and market capitalization data courtesy of CryptoCompare - API documentation and statistics ETA later this evening.

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Working really well, thanks! Looking forward to seeing the API :grin:

PSA: Total monetary base was wrong (an underestimate) for awhile, should be correct now.

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Congrats for the great contribution to the community.

I think it would be a good idea explicitly to which each figure refers. eg:

Chain Heigth

$ 3902.02

I know that these figures represent the number of blocks and US$ respectively, but I think it would be better to specify it, like this:

2046001 Sol/s
Network Hashrate

Perhaps through links to the help section (within the site) where everything is explained:

Sol/s (Solutions per seconds): Measures the rate at Equihash Which solutions are found. Each one…

As in the Network Hashrate but much more visible

A section of “friendly” help, even for those who have never heard of criptoworld. Perhaps in the future ZEC to become the most widely used currency… :grin:

thanks and keep going!

API Documentation delayed?

@leroy627 Check out API - Zchain, let me know if that covers what you require.

Great job, now I don’t have to manually update my calculator anymore!
Would be nice if all the values are integers though (as in 1000000 instead of 1.0e6)

I’m a little bit confused, I made a transaction from my t_addr to my z_addr and I sent 0.00X as stated in ‘public input’ field in the block explorer but in the ‘Inputs’ area below I see my t_addr and a different (higher) amount 0.YY and I cannot effectively spent that amount of money. Any ideas?

is this normal? negative public balance? Accounts - Zchain