Zcon0 Speaker & Workshop Schedule!


Is Zooko expected to attend? I do not see his name on the schedule.

Zooko will be there, but I don’t think he’s speaking.

Edit: @zooko are you going to speak at Zcon0?

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  • ASIC-resistance?
  • Nah. The least of our problems.

The current schedule has only one hour explicitly allocated to discuss mining. While I’m sure that will be also be a major topic in the “hallway track”, it seems that allocating more workshop time would be commensurate with the amount of interest displayed and the complexity of the topic. (There is a free slot at the moment, so there’s enough scope to juggle things so that we would have consecutive workshops about mining in the same room.)


FYI, @zooko is going to be part of the panel discussion on governance and will likely be speaking at the dinner, but still need to work out the details (don’t have others confirmed for that and didn’t want to jump the gun before promoting).

@daira that’s a good point, although I have a potential workshop organizer for that slot with a topic that I think would be equally interesting and more suited for the day two privacy track (for things beyond and including Zcash). If that doesn’t work out we could slot a continuation of the mining discussion then too. There’s also the “freestyle workshop” on day three, which is our attempt on making a more official “hallway track” for interested parties that want to self-organize in lieu of the structured schedule.


<incoming “changing opinion based on feedback” post>

After some feedback from others—in addition to your post @daira—we decided to add an extra workshop slot to enable the full 2 hour discussion on mining; so it will be six workshop slots for the second half on day one. If discussion extends beyond that we can definitely make sure to highlight during the freestyle session as well. Thanks for flagging it!


Schedule looks awesome, the density of content for three whole days is pretty impressive. I’m also interested in discussing what a generalized ZKP attestation (& revocation) system might look like, esp when sitting on top of an Ethereum-like ledger. Happy to do that as hallway chats, just throwing it out there. Looking forward to it!