Zcon4 In-Person Early Bird Registration is now Open!

This year we are partnering with http://ZKProof.org and Inversed Tech to host a week focused on Zero Knowledge, Zcash, privacy and crypto in the vibrant city of Barcelona.

You are able to apply for a Zcon4 scholarship and select the combination of ZK events via the ZCON4 Barcelona. See our website for more Zcon4 - Zcash Foundation.

Upcoming Deadlines:

What are the Key Dates? (Updated)
Day -1: Arrival Day for ZK Week: Friday, July 28
Day 0: The Crypto Lounge Experience (CLE) and Early Zcon4 Check in: Saturday, July 29
Days 1-3: Zcon4: Sunday, July 30- Tuesday, August 1
Day 4: ZKProof 5.5: Wednesday, August 2


The Key Dates Section is now Updated. The Crypto Lounge Experience will be on Saturday July 29th not the 28th.


I’m looking forward to seeing all the talks and info to come out of Zcon4 and hope that there’ll be a wealth of stuff recorded and made available online. :tada:


The ZF A/V Club has gotcha covered!! We’ll be there with loads of cameras and a privacy-first attitude. Getting interviews and behind-the-scenes footage. Stay tuned for details about a live preshow, too :wink:


It would be cool if this year’s Zcash promotional items said:
Privadesa és normal (Privacy is normal in Català)
Or any slogan that is gonna be used translated to Català, so the promotional items would be collectibles.


Super! I look forward to it because unfortunately, I don’t think my personal budget stretches to cover the costs of the trip :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: but am keen to learn about all the new things that’s on the road ahead for Zcash :sparkles:

Mmmaybe, since ECC has been focusing on wallet syncing, we’ll get a fresh peek at their own Zcash wallet that was previewed at ZCon3. No pressure. :speak_no_evil: