Zcon4 Announcement!

ZF Newsletter subscribers are already in the loop but we are excited to start the new year off by officially announcing that #Zcon4 will be held in Barcelona, Spain, July 30 - August 1, 2023!

Stay tuned for registration and other details. We can’t wait to host you at Zcon4!


Very exciting!!

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Zcon4 Scholarship Deadline: Monday April 24th


:mega: Hey Zcashers! :mega:

The ZF A/V Club is proud to announce our collaboration on this crowdfunding campaign and to ask for your support!

Help Robmar Narváez, an active Zcash community member and collaborator, to produce top-quality Zcon4 live broadcasts & real-time translation for Spanish speakers through his crowdfunding campaign! :zcash:

With your contributions, we can amplify Zcon4’s reach, promote Zcash adoption, and provide valuable conference insights to Spanish-speaking individuals worldwide. Visit the Crowdfunding for Zcon4 Livestreams in Spanish zPage to contribute and truly help shape an unforgettable Zcon4 experience.

Thank you for supporting the Zcash community!
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