Zeboot: ECC + community workshops

It “should” be very easy to use and understand Zcash, but unfortunately it is not.

And yes, people do need to think, analyze and understand. We are not robots. And when it comes to money we need to be careful what we do. There is no such thing as a perfect app or interface. That’s why there will ALWAYS be a need for education, a tutorial, a step-by-step, an explanation, etc.

Education is not a waste of time. It never will be. To think this way is being too selfish, and even more so when dealing with a technology that for many people is completely new and intimidating. If we don’t do what is necessary to bring them closer to Zcash, it won’t do any good if we have the most beautiful, perfect and functional interface wallets.

In fact, I would like to read a proposal in the forum that explains how to get Zcash to more people (which is what really matters) without marketing, without podcast, without education, without events, without mass dissemination, and thinking only about protocol, development and wallet interface.


To clarify something, I am not trying to sell anything to Zcash. I am a member of the global community, living in a region with very specific user characteristics, needs and behaviors, and most certainly different from the area you live in. Therefore, your vision probably fits your environment very well, but not mine… or Africa’s… or Asia’s… etc.

And in my region, Latin America, it has been more than demonstrated inside and outside the Zcash ecosystem, that education and dissemination is the cornerstone for people to approach the project.

You don’t have to wait for Zcash to “be ready”. Zcash already is! People can already use it, pay, receive, send remittances, generate invoices, cash in virtual stores, etc. With flaws? Yes, and if you are working to improve it.

The work of development and education/dissemination/marketing (call it whatever you want to call it) can go simultaneously, parallel, and need not be affected by each other.

That the price of ZEC went down? That’s OK! We can continue to teach people, we can continue to have community initiatives, etc.

Zcash is worth not for its price, BUT FOR ITS TECHNOLOGY, its underlying value, its moral and phyolosophical proposition. Or have we already forgotten that and we only want Zcash to really be worth when ZEC crosses the 100 USD barrier?


I don’t agree. Education is never a time sink.

I believe that investing heavily in end-user education at the moment can feel like throwing people to omaha beach to death by not german-bullets, but in this case a thousand paper cuts.

We do need “education” for developers. Our developer community needs to grow. There’s a lot to do, and too little builders. If you look at other projects with medium to large builder communities, they all have one thing in common: great developer relations. This is documentation, tutorials, courses, etc that are directly available from z.cash and that you don’t have to be dwelling around different sites or pinging devs directly on discord.


:+1: 100% for developers and building; making development easier


Developers need friendly users to help iterate on intuitive UI/UX. Engineers and cryptographers can not make intuitive UX in a vacuum. It takes constant use and feedback to make a great product. “Education” is just one component of the puzzle, adjacent pieces are QA and support, for example, which can be efficiently achieved with “education” and constant usage.


I agree 100 percent.

Have you not heard of hiring for a position of UI engineer?? One can put together a well-rounded team, you know?

Hi everyone,

The ZCG committee has been discussing multiple ways in which we can improve collaboration with ECC/ZF and improve the outcomes of the grants we award to align with core community initiatives. @ambimorph from ZCG and @decentralistdan from the Zcash Foundation will be attending Zeboot and hope to discuss some of the points we have been thinking about with others in attendance. Some of the topics we would like to raise include:

  • DEX, Nym, and coin holder voting support/integration into Zashi
  • The Zcash Ecosystem Security Lead role
  • Preparing for ZSA integration and adoption
  • Better understanding ECC’s roadmap/priorities

While the entire committee will not be able to attend Zeboot, we hope that the meetup will be collaborative and productive, and are looking forward to the feedback that will come from this meetup.

Zcash Community Grants Committee


I apologize for sounding rude. This language construction is a called a “hyperbole”.

I’m alluding to a historical moment depicted by huge cultural industry (rescuing soldier Ryan, band of brothers…) that can be known to a vast set of people to craft an exaggeration to rise a particular point. Like “I’m so hungry I could eat a cow!”. It’s figurative. The person saying that won’t by any means take the whole cow as an edible.

I’ll take your advice of the word choice for future occasions so that I can communicate better. English is not my native language it’s possible that colloquial uses can have unintended meanings. For not anticipating that, I apologize.

I’m always looking forward to improve my English skills. Thank you for the learning opportunity.

If you have further comments, please send me a direct message so we don’t derail the conversation. :pray:


I don’t understand how you know this.

Do you live in a place with a “stable” fiat currency? Do you live under a “stable” fiat?

Do you believe that every place has, or will adopt, such a currency?

Perhaps people who live under stable fiat are (radically) over-represented here (and indeed everywhere by virtue of the mechanism that “stability” is built on).

I am interested in hearing more from people who no longer live under “stable” fiat.

Does anyone who’s reading this believe that they might be closer to that criteria than e.g. a US citizen, living in the US?


oh boy! here we go. Yes I live in a place with stable currency. i visit many places with unstable currencies. i pay people all over the world in many jurisdictions i’ve never been… i know this based on experience, and based on common sense. From my experience, the places i’ve visited all accept and want USD. i know your political agenda won’t let you acknowledge this fact. Common sense says people don’t like volitiloty in their currency. it’s simple and doesn’t require much thought and you don’t need to be highly educated to understand this. And as it relates to your political agenda, you can’t replace the US dollar with something less stable, less trustworthy, with less collateral backing, without contract laws to support it, and without so many things. ZEC won’t work as a fiat alternative, haven’t you already caused enough people in poor countries who can not afford it to lose money by telling them ZEC is fiat? Don’t you have any remorse or feeling badly for people who believe your message
that ZEC is a fiat replacement? Bringing an
intrinsically unstable token such as ZEC to unstable countries many of which are highly corrupt is not the answer. Bring them USDz, EUROz, or anything that’s is intrinsically stable (STABLEz) so they can transact privately. Let us ReBoot. I don’t care what people want to use, Ot could be cows; i just want to see ZEC used to help them do it privately, and with low risk low vol. you will never be able to take the volitility out of ZEC, once you realize this, im confident you will change your mind on the role ZEC has or could have in helping bring privacy to people.

ZEC is digital gold. we should be telling people to hold it. And then implement the vision that I hope comes out of ZeBoot to make real world use cases for privacy.

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I appreciate your perspective.

I don’t know what ZEC is or is not.

I don’t know what ZEC can or cannot be.

I am curious to hear more from people who don’t live under fiat.

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pretty much everyone lives under fiat. the more corrupt the governments and the less collateral (the US own more gold than anyone in the world by wide margin. No matter what anyone says, it backs the dollar in some way) or reserves (typically treasury or govt bonds) backing the fiat the more unstable the currency (there is way more than this). the currency markets are the most competitive of almost anything in the world. if someone doesn’t want their own fiat currency, it’s probably because they go to work get paid 100; and then the next day it’s worth 90. the goal of any currency is stability and maintain purchasing power (privacey is a great addition). do you really need to ask?

we need people who know. who have vision. the world is passing ZEC by. ZEC passed the privacy “experiment” now it’s time to use it in a productive way. we wasted a lot of money going down the zec is fiat path.

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I am not sure what living under fiat means, but I only earn crypto and convert to fiat as necessary. Although I won’t be able to get into specifics, if you have questions feel free to pm me.


As Far As I Know (AFAIK) I just made the phrase “living under fiat” up, so… no one knows what it means… we get to make it up.

I think I like the idea of evoking fiat regimes as burdensome to their captives.

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Many such cases!

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And… I am just getting started! :wink:

Considering things in new terms is an essential part of the creative process.


ZingoLabs will be at ZeBoot.

We’ve been heads down for a long time, upgrading every aspect of our fundamentals.

We now have:

  • better test (including new kinds of test)
  • more support from a wider network of end-user testers
  • more integration with the ECC’s sync innovations
  • more developers, each with more experience

The tangible result is our sync performance upgrade, 1.3.0 release.

We are ideally placed to expose new features fresh from R&D labs to end users, in a safe rigorously tested way.

We are already moving forward with Nym integration.

We have done all of this without taking funding from the ZCG for the last quarter. We did this because we made a commitment to produce a User-relevant result first. We have accomplished this goal, at zero cost to the wider community.


Zcash does not benefit from the internal division that some forum members display.

Now, more than ever, with all that is going on within Zcash, we need cohesion, consensus, and people taking leadership roles.

A lot of patience, tolerance, intelligence and empathy is needed within Zcash.

Arguing for the sake of arguing and getting caught up in “being right” does Zcash a disservice.


It sounds like you don’t really believe in the consensus mechanism of decision making. I think we both can agree on this. Its a very poor and blunt way to govern. Might sound good on paper; but it is very messy. Moreover, one has to question its effectiveness given where we are today.

Lets see what comes out of ZeBoot! I am very hopeful a new vision for real world privacy use cases will evolve that we all can get behind! And hopefully the orgs will all get behind it as well by pooling their resources, building more reserves to make sure the group as a whole is properly capitalized and ready for the halving, and helping eachother fund and develop on this new vision. .