ZeBoot, Onward

I was at ZeBoot.

The evening before the first talk a friend (Robert LaBlah) and I went exploring. We wandered through dark streets in a place neither of us knew, chatting about the things we were excited about, waving at strangers, seeking something past the asphalt.

Eventually we found ourselves at the bottom of a steep sandstone and cactus scramble… loose dirt, low light… not risk-free terrain. We chose to scramble up, me following Bob’s lead.

Somewhere mid-climb it occurred to me that I might have made a mistake. Maybe I didn’t need the as-yet undiscovered perspective. Maybe climbing down would be harder than climbing up.

This actually happened… I didn’t intend to make my evening into a metaphor. Sometimes things align that way. Of course, we made it. Of course, we were glad of the effort. Palm Springs from the mountainside isn’t Palm Springs from the street. I have that now.

That fresh perspective was with me during the conference, not a profound shift, a subtle one. It seemed like enough binocularity to give my experience depth. And that experience was a grounding one.

Each person I met, each connection we explored, felt grounded. I am so grateful that I was privileged to share those connections. It was a joy to be with each of you.


The power of networking!


It wasn’t just that people were brilliant and dynamic, it was the thoughtfulness.

A stranger who wandered through might have been forgiven for thinking that they’d chanced upon a mindfulness practice community. There’s a spirit of compassion in the zcash community that has existed since the beginning, that spirit was vibrant at ZeBoot.



This experience was my first time meeting folks from our community IRL, and it was very much a fish out of water experience for me. I was happy to learn we have supporters who don’t necessarily post in these forums. Sitting next to @str4d and @nuttycom was simply brilliant. Let me tell you, they code no matter where they are! :fire: I hope it’s appreciated how diverse our community is. :hearts:

First person I met saw my ZecHub hoodie and stopped me in the hall, @decentralistdan !

Had a chance to meet @januszgrze , the man who started ZecHub! :beers:

Got to meet @pacu , @mrkit2u , and more. I dont want to tag everyone because they may want to stay shielded. :zebra:

I took some pictures I’d like to share, hope that is ok :face_in_clouds:


Makes my heart sing. So many here, like you, are building for something more valuable than personal gain.

Chatham house rules applied, and so I can’t quote you, but what you said to the group at the end of day one filled me up was the very embodiment of what so many here feel. Thank you for coming, and for what you expressed.


A Zeboot summary: