Zebra v1.7.0 release

Hi everyone,

Last week we released Zebra 1.7.0 during ZconV.

You can find this latest release on GitHub , Dockerhub and crates.io

Zebra now supports Regtest without proof-of-work validation. In order to support regtest network mode in Zebra, we have started to include some functionality to enable the creation of new networks with a configurable set of parameters.

We have also made changes that will allow Zebra nodes behind firewalls contribute to the P2P network by using the external address to communicate with peers.

Please do try this latest release out and let us know if you have need of any particular functionality by opening issues on the Zcash Foundation Github , or by writing to us on Twitter and here on the forum.

You can find more details about what is included with this release in the release notes on GitHub and the release blog post


Any update to the zebra launcher?

Up and running, need to update my Raspi5 next :wink:


It now has an installer for Intel-based macOS systems, and the latest version of Zebra (v1.7.0):

Zebra Launcher v0.0.0-alpha.2 · ZcashFoundation/zebra-launcher

Code signing and an auto-updater are next on the agenda.


(the new launcher alpha 2) is the new windows.exe the correct file? it seems more like the launcher file size not installer. so i think it’s just launching the old version not installing the new one.

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It was the wrong file - nice catch! It’s been updated to the installer.

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yay, thanks.

hmm. it works as i tested. but i dont see 1.7.0 anywhere when its running on windows. :thinking:

i see 1.6.0+5 mentioned
heres screenphoto :grinning: