Zec Issuance Policy

I know I am a bit late so forgive me but I read on the latest proof of stake update that the team is looking at changing the issuance schedule.

Issuance rate schedule

There are four major possibilities for issuance schedules:

  • Keep the current Bitcoin-like schedule completely unchanged.
  • Adopt a schedule that’s strictly equal or lower than the current schedule, thus keeping the 21M ZEC cap.
  • Adopt a “reasonable” well-known schedule that doesn’t maintain the Bitcoin-like limit.
  • Something else further afield.

Our preference: We have a preference for the second option, a rate that’s lower than the current Bitcoin-like schedule. If this is feasible from a security perspective, we believe it would be acceptable to the vast majority of current and potential future Zcash users, while lowering the costs paid by holders for the security of the network. This option would maintain the 21M ZEC cap. We may find in our research phase that this option cannot support sufficient security, in which case we’ll surface the issue for Zcash users as soon as we formulate the concern.

If the preference shown is lower than the current btc schedule does that mean there is a chance the next zec halving comes sooner than 2024?

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