ZEC UBI FundĀ® - Africa

I agree with both @Rucknium & @Winfredā€¦

Hence why i mentioned there is a need for balanceā€¦ The communities we support focus on specific issues, so for example, one of our communities focuses on Funding a Childs Education Zimbabwe (F.A.C.E.Z) which focuses on households with orphans.

Each child is accounted for and school fees paid. Unlike western countries, there is no subsidized education in Zimbabwe, hence each registered child / beneficiary is accounted for.

Having a voucher system + wallet with no intermediaries that vendors , merchants and establishments partnered with the ecosystem system would work as funds can only be spent to purchase specific vouchers within the wallet linked to a community is the best approach I see. There are 2 layers to this.

  1. Reporting on the beneficiary side for donors
  2. Reporting on the merchant side for the regulator

The ultimate goal is #Prosperity4All :slightly_smiling_face:


Have a read:

The Grant from Celo for cBLOCKĀ® | Celo Token Creator


Congrats, @BitFlexJack on the Celo grant, and thanks for sharing this as I had asked about it. I can see that this grant is for deploying smart contracts without programming skills.

Iā€™m going to DM you my personal email contact. Should you one day have something similar to what I described above, in terms of a system of transparency for potential donors to know where and how funds are being used to help vulnerable African communities, do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Like I said, what you guys are trying to do touches my heart deeply.

Have a great weekend :slight_smile:


Hi @Winfred

Thank you! Sure thing will respond to your DMā€¦

Thanks again! :pray:t4:


@Winfred and @Rucknium

Have a read at this:

Hereā€™s the thing, Iā€™ve expressed willingness to make a donation to this cause. And Iā€™d like to be clear that I respect every different opinion stated in this thread, even if I donā€™t necessarily agree. However, we all have our ā€œriskā€ tolerances, and based on my experiences which I cited above, I am only willing to contribute to a system that provides an element of accountability.

For the record, the country cited in the study you tagged me in is Kenya. I have adopted siblings from vulnerable communities in Kenya, where at first we made cash donations, before realizing the funds were not being used appropriately and so my family took my dear siblings in. I am also a legal guardian to some of these children as well.

SOā€¦ How you choose to go about this is absolutely up to you. What I am or am not willing to contribute to is also absolutely up to me, based on first-hand experiences that shape my decision-making.

You have my contact info. I will be leaving this conversation at that for now.