Introduction about myself

Hello everyone, am Rodgers from Uganda, a blockchain enthusist and would really like to participate in Zachary local meetups in our country.
Anyone to take me through please?
Thank you.


Hi and welcome.

I do not know much about Uganda, nor local zec meetups. Sorry.

I just thought Id say hi and welcome.

I hope someone can help you out, maybe @sonya?

@mistfpga thanks for the welcome note.
Uganda is an African country, in East Africa .:smile::smile:


Hey Jabz,

Do you mind if I ask you a few questions? I would be really appreciative if you would answer these.

  • How did you hear of zcash?
  • How many people do you think in your country have heard of zcash?
  • Do you believe the privacy of zcash will help in your country? why?
  • Is financial privacy a big thing in Uganda?
  • Does your government financially try to oppress its citizens?

Fun questions

  • What are the national languages?
  • Is it as hot as it looks?
  • How would I say “I am a tiger” in Ugandan?
  • My local pharmacist today told me she was born in Uganda
  • Whats the local night life like?

Sorry I cannot help more with your meet up, but I am really curious as to what zcash can do to help African Nations. This forum is heavily monitored by the zcash foundation and the ECC so your ideas/responses will be seen by those that have real position in this community. (which is a pretty international bunch.)

I understand if you cannot answer some or all of those questions due to political sensitivity.

Hope to speak to you more.


Hey man! Welcome to the zcash community forum!