Zecwallet Full Node Address undefined

1 week ago i sent ~33ZEC to another Wallet (Z->Z).
But these 33ZEC are listed in the Address “Undefined” and not at the address where is sent them.
But after that i still could send 1 ZEC away to another Wallet but the left 32 ZEC i couldnt send away.
Its stucking at “Please wait…This could take a while”
To test my Z Address i sent 0.01 ZEC to the same Address as the 33ZEC but these 0.01 ZEC are listed at an Address starting with “u1”.

Iam running Version 1.7.8 because in the 1.8.3 i cant use the Tabs “Send”, “Receive” and “Transactions” and the right side with the Addresses and Funds is empty.
I already tried to use -reindex and -rescan
Iam trying to fix it since 1 week and dont know what to do anymore.

I can only attach one screenshot