ZecWallet start with old wallet.dat

Hello guys , i have hold my zcash wallet.dat since 2017… I totally forgot about crypto… now 3 years are past and i see that in the main network is to many changes (hardfork’s etc…) Now is it possible that i’ll open and see my zec ammount in new version blockchain , using old wallet.dat without any problems like a disappearing or something like this?

What i need to do to open the wallet without problems ?

Just download the latest build of Zecwallet, put the wallet.dat file into the appropriate Zcash folder (depending on your platform), sync the blockchain and that’s it.

Your wallet.dat file will be recognized just fine.

I think the answer is yes, but am not sure binary compatibility is guaranteed and for how long (ping @str4d). This ought to be explicitly documented…

A conservative way to approach it is to use the human-readable wallet backup. Specifically:

  1. Run the ancient zcashd version that produced this wallet.dat (without connecting it to the network)
  2. Use it to export your secret keys using z_exportwallet
  3. Upgrade to the new version
  4. If it doesn’t work, delete wallet.dat, have zcashd create a fresh one, and then import your secret keys using z_importwallet

On the other hand, if you have the private key, you can import it in Zecwallet and there is no need for the wallet.dat file.

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