Zemo - Your Web3 Inbox

I understand the concerns of ZCG but I think this application of Zcash is something I’d still like to see explored.

Thank you for the suggestion @GGuy. The concerns from ZCG haven’t been communicated to me yet, so I’d prefer to give them a chance to weigh in before I comment on the additional features suggested. :slightly_smiling_face:

Considering how complex this project would be, I was expecting there would be some type of direct communication with the grant committee to discuss the proposal in more detail.

Due to the character limitations on the grant proposal website, we didn’t mention many of the additional features that we were planning to include in the proposal, such as:

  • Multiple user profiles per wallet
  • Toggle between user profiles
  • Dark theme / light theme (auto detect)
  • Multiple language support (English, Spanish, Russian, etc)
  • Multiple fiat currency support
  • Biometrics security (touch id, face id)
  • Block user (the app store requires additional functionality for social apps)
  • Manage block user list w/ unblock ability
  • Introducing new format for messaging (the current reply-to approach used in other wallets is not ideal)
  • Real-time messaging
  • User avatars stored on custom IPFS gateway (create our own infrastructure or use service provider)
  • Settings ability to change to different IPFS gateways
  • Auto restore avatar / name when restoring from seed
  • Settings ability to disable displaying/fetching avatars (for extra security)

I’m probably forgetting some other features.