Zero Knowledge Protocol

In this article it talks about some of the applications of zero knowledge proofs. One of them being for password authentication. How exactly can the Zero Knowledge protocol be applied to things like browser authentication - google chrome remembering your passwords for websites etc. will this technology have an impact on this in any way? Does this mean browsers could theoretically implement this technology for password authentication?

“Zero Knowledge Protocol (or Zero Knowledge Password Proof, ZKP) is a way of doing authentication where no passwords are exchanged, which means they cannot be stolen. This is cool because it makes your communication so secure and protected that nobody else can find out what you’re communicating about or what files you are sharing with each other”

Zero Knowledge Proof: Explain it Like I’m 5 (Halloween Edition) | HackerNoon

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I imagine probably so. Transactions are just raw data, might take a different hashing algorithm, but why not? You could probably ZKP having the Encyclopedia Britannica if you had the memory.

So youre saying for example if I am logging into an email account and I have my passwords saved in my browser this technology will enable me to log in without having to expose / trust my password to a 3rd party in any way? Currently when chrome remembers passwords they are all stored on google servers correct?

…maybe we will see a ZKP browser in the future?