[ZIP 1005] ZIP proposal: ZCFS (Zcash Community Funding System)

@daira and I made an initial review pass over this PreZIP. This is not a formal part of the proposal process (in particular, @daira is not acting in hir role as ZIP editor); this is just a joint comment between @daira and myself on the current state of the PreZIP.

This should probably say “with the reward’s structure”.

This is the only statement in the proposal specification that touches the consensus rules. This statement should be removed, making this ZIP orthogonal to the dev-fund. It would then be possible to accept this ZIP alongside any of the other dev-fund ZIPs.

The above statement appears to be reflected in [ZIP 1001] Final: ZIP proposal Keep the block distribution as initally defined. 90% to miners. If that proposal does not adequately reflect the intention of this statement, then a separate ZIP should be written to cover the desired consensus rule changes.

The ZCFS is not a protocol change.

This only restricts the Zcash Foundation, not any subsequent owner of the ZCFS. The intent for how ZCFS operation in particular is funded needs to be clear. See also the comments below.

“the proposer” is unspecified.

  • If it refers to a proposer of a ZCFS operation grant, then this step is completely unspecified. The specification should include details of how the transferral process occurs (when do other operators propose their grants, how are multiple proposals that get funded tie-broken, etc.) The fallback is also not specified (what happens if no ZCFS operation grant, whether from ZF or otherwise, is adequately funded?)
  • If it refers to the proposer of this ZIP proposal, then this is unacceptable in a ZIP (as it is saying that the ZIP proposer would by default gain complete control over the grants process).
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