[ZIP 1005] ZIP proposal: ZCFS (Zcash Community Funding System)

This proposal is to NOT have a dev fund at all, so the specification is very accurate actually :slight_smile:

Please read the proposal carefully. Reading the whole paragraph makes it clear. Quoting just this part is not accurate. The Foundation (or anyone who is funded instead) follows the same rules. Noone is funded by default. Each proposer needs to follow the same rules. It’s extremely simple, no tricks here.

It does. This proposal is not over-specified by design to not get red taped into oblivion. There is no fallback. If noone is funded, it means the community decided it doesn’t want to fund them. Proposers can then file new proposals if they wish. In the meantime, no development is happening. For this proposal, change of mindset is required. Noone is funded by default. The community decides. Decentralization at its purest form :slight_smile:

Please read the proposal once again carefully and let me know if you still have questions. I have extremely limited availability due to work but will try to answer questions as soon as possible.

No need to over complicate things. Simple rules, effective results :slight_smile:


@mistfpga has already made that proposal, and I would recommend that proponents of having no issuance-based dev fund focus on that one. The rest of this proposal is, as we said, orthogonal to whether there is an issuance-based dev fund.

If your contention is that having no issuance-based dev fund, and creating the described ZCFS only make sense together as a unified proposal, then please include specific arguments for that contention in the Motivation section. (Personally, I can’t see why that would be the case.)


This ZIP proposal is to be taken as is.

The 3 bullet points in the Motivation section clearly describe the motives :slight_smile:

I trust the community’s judgement. No matter the outcome, I will stand behind the community’s decision.


Alright, pull request created! https://github.com/zcash/zips/pull/271

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This proposal has been published as ZIP 1005.


Maybe the 20% fund should be used for ZCFS (Zcash Community Funding System) and not voluntary donation