ZIP Proposal - 8-15% Opt-in or 4-7.5% Mandatory Dev Free |75% Zcash Foundation 25% ECC|

I think it is very well written. Does it not describe your intention?

Does this help you?

Notice all zips start with this:

This is RFC 2119

That is probably essential reading for getting the wording right.

Wording things in this manner really helps to solidify your ideas and give the programming team something to work with. I know you are busy at the mo, so I will try to help if I get time.

Regarding how the ECC would like them formatted, I think these two posts are very relevant, they probably should be rewritten slightly to generalise them and pinned to the top of the thread category.

This one I think is especially relevant.

and this one is just a general overall, look at the RUST style. There is no real format for this so far (community zips). I think your post is the best we have come up with, im going to be following it and the rust format.

Here is a direct link to the rust style. This is how I see community zips looking - especially when coming from non technical people. Nice write up and bullet points with the requirements in RFC 2119 language. I would go as far as to either caps or bold the MUST must not just to highlight it is rfc language you are using.