ZIP Proposal - 8-15% Opt-in or 4-7.5% Mandatory Dev Free |75% Zcash Foundation 25% ECC|

Hi @boxalex, I agree that someone either from the Foundation or ECC should reply to all proposals which have an active advocate. No reason to spend effort on a proposal if no one wants to drive it forward.

The reason I haven’t responded to all proposals yet is that I only have so much time and many responsibilities. The ones I have responded to were, I think oldest to most recent the last time I reviewed proposals, which was sometime last week I think.

I would really appreciate it if you could practice withholding speculation about nefarious underhanded secret plots all the time. Am I biased? You bet I am! Am I explicit and transparent about it? I strive to be as much as possible. Does my effort and views affect ECC? Yep. Am I representing ECC’s official stance anywhere here: Nope. We’ll be explicit about any stance that we take.

Really? I’m sorry @boxalex, I’ve been pretty silent about your repeated abuse, but this is inexusable, and I’m going to begin calling you out every time you insinuate and insult, conveniently ignoring facts.

Will you now apologize and publicly acknowledge all of my responses on the following threads?

BTW, myself and other ECC employees are working really really hard because we believe that our efforts are actually making a difference to improve the world. I am completely confident that’s apparent to anyone paying attention.

I would really appreciate it if you stop insulting us and our efforts and insinuating we’re irresponsible or malicious, especially based on completely obviously incorrect factual assertions.

Ok, now I’m going to go spend my time responding to other authors who are engaged in a charitable and collaborative spirit regardless of the content of their proposals.