ZOMG meeting minutes 2-23 & 3-9-2021

Hey Zcash Zeal,

Here are the meeting notes from our two “off week” meetings. Previously we posted that we would break away from our normal 2 week meeting cadence to catch up on some things.

The off-week meetings were held on 2-23 and 3-9. Because these are off-week meetings not everyone is in attendance and the meeting notes are taken by ZOMG members during the meeting since Danika from ZFND is not able to attend. So you will probably notice the notes are not as detailed as Danikas work, but its better than nothing :wink:

For these two off-week meetings only one proposal was approved, congratulations ZecPages!

Notes below:

ZOMG Meeting 2-23-2021

Meeting Notes by ML_sudo

ZOMG extra meeting



Grant application: Cold wallet

(ZF Grants - Cold Wallet)

Ask applicant: detail about use case… What other assets has he done this for

Action: ML to respond

Grant status: Aditya emergency funding milestone followup

Shawn to confirm with Danika that second stage payment is a go

Organization: admin on milestone tracking and funding

Context: need to get more organized around milestone payments

Grantees to click on Milestone request payout when they’re ready for the next milestone

Action: Shawn will let Danika know that in future, when she receives Milestone payment request, she should email ZOMG, and if she gets ⅗, 4/5 , 5/5 yes votes confirmation via email (based on previously stated thresholds), she can go ahead

Funding strategy: wallet funding

Reference: Proactively funding wallet developers

Next steps: reach out to wallets that already support t-transactions e.g. Jaxx, Coinomi, Guarda (sic), ask what they would need for z-address support? Hudson asking on Discord if ECC/ZF have already done so, to get preliminary feedback

Other Organization Matters

Discord vs Signal. Stick to Signal right now. Maybe later move on to something else with different channels for different topics. Project mgmt tool will help. KIV for now

Project management: ML to put together

Strategic tasks (from ML’s email): Hudson to do #3, RE communication expectations. ML and Hudson to discuss #4

Write a forum post to say we want a better website, see if anyone wants to build it. Hudson will post

Zcon2 (June 9 2021): (a) allocating a block to ZOMG to talk about: yes, let’s do this, (b) one fireside chat with one rep each from ECC, ZF, ZOMG: Hudson to do this.

ZOMG Meeting 3-9-2021

Meeting Notes by Hudson


Holmes (first half)

ZEC Pages

Holmes - ask is modest and they have been impactful. Eccentric, but cool project.

Shawn - like Michael’s contributions to the community and ZEC Pages has been very successful.

ML_sudo - Do we want to repay him per month based on the server cost receipts?

Shawn - For this small amount and applicants history receipts aren’t necessary

Hudson - I agree not worth it for this amount.

Holmes - This person is already putting in more work than the amount listed.

Shawn - Michael Harmes mentioned he was feeling out the grant process so he may do some other grants in the future maybe

Zcash Weekly News Show

Holmes - We need more information about who is involved? We don’t know enough about the participants to understand them better.

ML_sudo - First steps, ask who is involved. Maybe then ask for funding for a shorter timeline, possibly just a few episodes.

Holmes - Yeah we want to learn more and put guardrails/expectations on it on how they will be collaborating with people.

Shawn - recused himself from voting on this proposal

ZOMG agreed to postpone vote until we will talk to Chris about the team risk vs the opportunity.

Bootstrapping liquidity for renZEC on Binance Smart Chain

Hudson: I’d like to ask Chris about this.

ZOMG agreed we need more time to assess.

Homes had to leave meeting

Topic from Shawn

Shawn: Felt disconnected from our decisions and announcing it. Normal meetings, approve proposals, and more “cheerleading” where we post in the forums and Twitter congratulating would be ideal.

ML_sudo: 3 parts of what you’re saying. 1. We need to respond to them. 2. Timing. 3. Twitter cheerleading

Hudson: We should hire someone to do this if possible.

Shawn: We have a champion for proposals, which approves on back-end and makes forum comments. Those 2 things are taken care of by a champion. But Twitter is loose end.

Hudson: I can do the twitter part with Holmes.

Shawn: Andre or Elenita from ECC asked about if there was a single place to see all the stuff that has been funded. I told them the proposals page on the grants platform is the place. We only have a limited amount of time together to post updates and summaries for every grant.

ML_sudo: This is stuff that no matter the amount of time we spent it is still our job, even if the structure is wrong. Do we have enough work for someone to work for us?

Shawn: Yes, they could replace Danika, be in charge of blog/twitter, and backend stuff (but more comfortable keeping admin parts separate). Have somebody be the official spokesperson on social media. We should explore hiring someone as we get more proactive.

Hudson: We could have someone be an advocate and go after teams to apply for grants.

ML_sudo: The content needs to be written by us and invest the time.

ML_sudo: To summarize: We need to cheerlead on twitter and get back to candidates on the same day/next day.

Shawn: Yes and do the backend process at the same time, so they don’t get the approval email before more personal congratulations/feedback.

ML_sudo: We should have a human face behind the decisions, not approve without making a comment.

Shawn: Let’s put a pin in this so we can discuss with Holmes and Chris.

ML_sudo Topic

ML_sudo: We have 2 platforms, grants platform and forum. I believe we should be where the community can react to which are the forums.

Hudson: I completely agree.

Shawn: The reason we made the forums part of the process was because we knew the limitations of the grants platform and the comment engagement there was almost nothing. So we go where people are.

ML_sudo: So we discuss it with Chris. Okay.

Hudson Topic

Hudson: Cold wallet proposal. Finding an auditor.

Shawn: Ask ZF and ECC in Dev Discord.

Hudson: Great

Hudson Topic

Hudson: Time limited incentivized topic where we say “For the month of April we are giving away $X”.

ML_sudo: Worried about low quality proposals. We should maybe do Holmes ideas of approach teams, like wallet teams, directly.

Hudson: It would be for more abstract research ideas, like layer 2 stuff.

Shawn: Would be good to incentivize more teams to get involved. Good to explore potential subjects and costs.

ML_sudo: We can tie this to Zcon for additional publicity. When we do our fireside session we can promote it more. Something concrete to say about something fun we are doing. We now need to describe it and what topic.

Hudson: I’ll talk to Daira about it tomorrow.

ML_sudo: Let’s use DC’s document too.

ML_sudo Topic

ML_sudo: Should we add to the template; the questions I posed to Ziggurat?

Shawn: It’s not difficult for us to get a hold of grants.io person and add it.

Shawn: I’ll take ML_sudo bullet points and try to figure out what we can add to the grant application form. We need to consult the ZF to make sure it doesn’t conflict with their form. 100% agree that more specific questions and metrics for success and who the users are are good questions.


"In response to these meeting minutes, our team has prepared three tables to aide ZOMG’s grant review:

  1. Expectations
  2. Experiences
  3. Parameters "

Please see the full response with tables here:

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