Zooko thinks ASIC miners are inevitable, so might as well not resist. WTF?

How is this guy even running things? I’m out. You want to give into ASIC centralization because its “hard to change algos” when that’s not even true.


I’m out now. I believe in decentralization of cryptocurrency payments. I’m ashamed I talked up Z so much to so many people. Time to undo all that right now.

Enjoy your Bitmain rulers.


I’m interested here. Did you read the article and his statements? It basically invalidates what you just posted. I guess times and opinions change. Like mine is right now.

Did you actually read the entire thread I linked?

And the last line of the article you posted? Says: “Saying all this, Zooko did mention that ZCash exists because of its community. If there is enough interest and demand for ASIC Resistance, they will work towards it.”

I don’t speak for Zcash Company, but I don’t think it’s past the point of discussion yet.


I did read it. By the time I got to the end and read:

If there is enough interest and demand for ASIC Resistance, they will work towards it

How could the not be working toward it already? This didnt just pop out of nowhere.

Couple that with this reaction to a poll:


I am losing faith. I am also not willing to go along quiet on this, as that is EXACTLY what I should not have done when LTC went ASIC. I should have put pressure on the devs then, and regret that I didnt.

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i’m a small miner and i got your point cryptomon, will gladly follow this thread for more explanation :thinking:

my bad it is being discussed too here, Let’s talk about ASIC mining

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I wouldn’t jump the gun just yet. Our community definitely supports a move to counter ASICs, but we actually need developers who are willing and able to work on modifying Equihash, or even finding an alternative algorithm, which is not a trivial task. @zooko has publicly stated that the Zcash company is actively funding proposals with grants, and this seems like the perfect opportunity to put that grant money to good use.


Do you have something that defines the problems/challenges with shifting the algo or PoW?

My considered opinion: Let’s talk about ASIC mining


@cryptomon it is easy. you continue to mine. as soon ASIC, maybe, prolly not, will come for Zcash, you’ll have mined already some coins. after you can still decide to move somewhere else…