2 ZEC Bounty for Z-NOMP pool help with extranonce1 and duplicate shares

I am offering a “tip” of 2 ZEC to whomever can help me out. I am writing a new miner and have set up a pool for testing purposes. I am using the Z-NOMP. I need to change a couple of things and know very little about javascript. I need to do the following things.

1 - Have the ability to set the extranonce1 to a particular value. Usually zeros. The length is not important so 4 bytes like the current setting is fine.
2 - I need to have the pool to accept all shares since the difficulty is low and I am getting tons of duplicates. Essentially turn off the duplicate shares or erase the database.

I need these things to work as a normal pool would, accepting and submitting the solutions to the daemon.

I have made a few changes to the jobManager.js extranonce variable but I end up creating other problems. I am sure these are easily fixed but I do not have the knowhow or the time to figure it out.

thanks in advance…

Nevermind— I think I worked it out


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a bit of shameless self advertising https://github.com/mtve/yazecminer/blob/master/pool-emu.pl

Got to love it-- :slight_smile: – I need to check it out