Zec.anopool.eu - Zcash Mining Pool


im glad to announce new pool zec.anopool.eu

Fee is 1%
Payouts 4 times a day
No payout commission
Minimum payout is 0.001 ZEC

Auto payout 0.001 ZEC ? Or how is generated in the payout moment over 0.001 ZEC ?

Yes its autopayout when you reach minumum payout value,that can be set in profile to whatever you like.

You have to edit
Mining Pool Address: zec.anopool.eu
Port: 3333

Port :3333 is not working I`m getting error with this port , but Port :4444 from example is connecting normal.

thanks fixed (that was port for old Monero pool)

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I`m in with around 350 sol/s :slight_smile: If we have some luck we can find block in 2-3 days. I like the pool, I was ussing your monero pool before. Good luck.:zcash:

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more pools will come,feal free to recommend us,also if you have problems just type us an email