Founders Reward is a scam going on?

Right now the monetary base is about: 79.000 ZEC:

The founders Reward is supposed to be 10%. But check the Founders Reward Address out:

It contains as of this writing 15 879 ZEC which is twice as much as 10%

What’s the deal here?

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It was clearly stated that it’s 20% for the first 4 years and none after that which works out to 10% of the total supply.

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Ah O.K. so till first halvening its 10.5 Mio coins what is halv of 21 Mio. so they get 0.2x10.5 Mio=2.1 Mio coins which is 10% of 21 Mio total…

Calculation right?

btw thank trolloniex

Roughly yes. Im busy ATM will check the numbers later today.