2018 Negative Transparent Balance

I transferred my zec to another wallet more than 24 hours ago, still the coins are not received by the other wallet.
I’ve checked my account on zchain then this showed up. I think it’s because of the negative transparent balance. I can’t figure out how I am able to send 0.17097953 ZEC if I have only 0.15095161 received ZEC. (but I know I have 0.17097953 ZEC on this wallet before I sent it) Please help.

It’s a bug with zcha.in see here: https://zcash.blockexplorer.com/address/t1QzAu9HfrSV27PJh8mHn3eJBo5sYJdGSCP

I still haven’t received my zec from my jaxx wallet to my crytonator wallet. over 48 hours now