JAXX ZEC Balance Not Showing Up

Hello guys, I am receiving ZEC in my Jaxx wallet, the transaction already has more than 100 confirmation but the balance still doesn’t show up in my wallet.
I have tried to reset the Jaxx Cache several times. It doesn’t work.
I also tried to restore the wallet on Chrome and Android Jaxx wallet. Neither of them work.
Anyone know what is happening with Jaxx? How can I claim back my ZEC?

Have You been mining to your Jaxx Wallet? Bad idea.

If you want access to your coins you can import your private key in zcash4win

No, just normal transfer.
How can I access my coin? How to use zcash4win to claim back my ZEC?

In jaxx settings you can find your private keys somewhere.

Import those in zcash4win

I will try it out!
Thank you!

I have the same problem, sending 0.02 zcash every few hours, was working fine since yesterday. 2 transfers not showing up more then 12 hour waiting.
Any idea how to fix it?