21.co Inspired Headless Zcash Client/Miner/Node

Hi ,

I have always wanted the Bitcoin network to be able to run by both miners and node runners . a little black box running zcash somewhere isolated ,secure supporting the network anonymously would go a great distance in encouraging adoption.
like a small 21.co’s Bitcoin Computer with a mining chip and a full node would excite the community . around 50$ pricing.
Am a noob so forgive my for any naiveté.

I’m sure once Zcash is launched and is more widely adopted there will be companies designing specific hardware to work with it.
I agree, a 21.co style miner or an Antminer headless solution would be cool.

Don’t lose sight of the fact that Zcash mining benefits from high memory bandwidth and, it seems, Equihash is reasonably CPU intensive as well.

Dear community -

The little black box i propose is in response to the problem of censorship and prohibition. I expect ZCASH to be hugely popular and challenge the dominance of Bitcoin (network effect) more effectively than other currencies. With popularity come attention and its allied effects one effect is censorship.

Problem - Zcash Anonymity/Privacy is abused by some shady group and the Government goes after miners of Zcash maintaining the network

I don’t mean to propose that little boxes can take the entire burden of mining the network but the dominance of miners must not exceed the ratio 1(box/node):4(miners) {or some other ratio securing the network}.This is important since anonymity/privacy being the core founding principle of zcash i expect the network to be facing more scrutiny and resistance and perhaps prohibition from the government in jurisdictions all across the globe. For e.g. Criminal adoption of zcash would be there (like fiat cash) and a terrorist funding may also be facilitated so knee jerk reactions from authorities may expedite the prosecution of zcash beares (its happening in Russia even in Bitcoin).

So little boxes spread all across the world (5000 nodes+miners) would reduce the probability of successful shut down more than lets say a 1000 mega miners spread in the same jurisdiction.
I have some experience in law enforcement procedures .

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