Suggestion about Zcash algorithm

I thought some time about the algorithm, my idea is about not allowing to mine if you don’t have 1.0 Zcash balance in your wallet, if will be possibile to be made, then this will “force” each miner to keep a minimum amount of investment, also each new miner have to buy 1 Zec in order to mine.

This is only my personal idea, I know many miners will disagree with this, but I’m also a small miner and i think this will be a better think.

If it was implemented from beginning or from now, i think the ZEC stability will be better, I know we don’t need to much stability just an improvement…

What do you think and what suggestion do you have ? :slight_smile:


That would have been 30k$ mining entrance for all of us at the beginning of zcash.
There would never have been soneone to start mining. So no supply of coins.

I think 30K$ is to much because then will not be available for any miners.


No no. The price of 1 YEC was about 30k$ when it hit the marked.
So if every miner had to buy 1 ZEC to be able to start mining, they just dismiss.

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