3gb gpu is outdated after 3to4 months it's true

hi all,
3gb gpu is outdated after 3to4 months it’s true. plz give your thought

for which crypto do you mean ? if for ZCASH than i think that is not true …

yes, this is zcash. who long life of this

A 3gb gpu is viable for zec mining, if you mean unprofitable yea maybe, whats the problem?

with ethereum and the other type of algo that uses a form of DAG yes they will get unusable, but Zcash doesn’t use something like that. You just need a 1GB VRAM

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thanks for your information , can you sugest which 4gb best gpu for z cash

Everyone talks about the 1080s, Nvidia and AMD stocks are up a lot right now so I imagine new cards are in the works reinvestment of that capital