A list of things we need to do on Launch Day to mine actual zcash

Launch Day is currently set for October 28, 2016. Partly for selfish, partly for communal reasons, I’d like to maintain a list of actions that we will need to work through on Launch Day to ensure that we switch over to mining actual coins on that day, with minimal delays.

I am only just getting my head around the testnet/alpha setup, so I’m not in the place to do this properly myself, but as people contribute to this thread, I’ll compile it as a list by editing this post. At the moment, this is just a bit of a random, unformatted brain dump from a useless brain! :grin:

At some point there will be an official/unofficial guide, at which point this may become redundant, but hey-ho.

##Actions required:

Download binaries and install (clicky arrow to see what this replaces)
  • Fetch new zcash code
  • Fetch new parameters
  • Recompile zcashd
  • (Run tests)

  • Clear old config file from ~./zcash folder

  • Create new zcash.conf file

Connect to bootstrap servers (How?)
  • Insert actual node address (when/what?)
  • Insert actual username and password (how/format?)
  • Run zcashd and run quick benchmark to check all working

  • Make sure your desired wallet is set up and secure (how?)

  • Set gen=1

  • Run daemon → MINE!

EDIT: 2016-09-12: Updated to reflect comments from @Shawn and @str4d. Cheers!


By Beta2 you will no longer have to compile. You will simply have to download signed binaries, setup your config file, and run. The Public Alpha/Beta/Genesis guide will be updated accordingly and I will place a more in-depth tutorial on my site.


This won’t be necessary at release, because the bootstrap servers will be running.

For most users (ie. running zcashd locally-only), they don’t matter. They are just the username and password required to use the RPC interface (ie. how zcash-cli communicates with zcashd.


Idea that may or may not be feasible: Release final software in advance of genesis block · Issue #1379 · zcash/zcash · GitHub

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This sounds like an eminently sensible idea to me. Others’ thoughts?

Is there an approximate date by which Beta2 is released? Thank you.

@William1 You can follow the Launch progress here: Milestones - zcash/zcash · GitHub

We decided not to do this. The clincher for not doing it was the increase in deployment complexity from having to release and authenticate the genesis block information separately from the rest of the software.

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