How will Zcash proceed with the launch?

Obviously the most asked question is when, but I think we should know how. We’ve seen in the past multiple examples of what went wrong and right. I think this is something we should be aware of.

A failed and/or controversial launch will immediately attract fud and trolls, like we know.

When will it be announced once everything is ready, so everyone has time to get prepared? 3 or 5 days before? 1 week? 2 weeks?

Will we have to build from source and compile or will we have binaries? For what operative systems? Will we have tutorials so everyone can at least create their wallet as soon as it launches? Same for mining of course.

Is anything set in stone or yet to be decided? How does the community think this should be handled?

My requirements would be:

  • Tutorials on: How to build from source, create a wallet and mine
  • Preferably binaries so it’s easier for everyone who might not be proficient with computers and would like to be up to date.
  • Pre announcement at least 1 week before the launch once things are 200% ready to go

How would you handle it?


I can answer a few of those:
I can’t speak for how long before launch they will announce, but I believe it will be a big deal because they want to ensure everyone can see the Trusted Setup. I guessing we might even have a live stream to watch.
It’s only planned for Linux at Launch.
I have tutorials on my site that I will update with the newest steps when they are ready.
I’m 99% sure you will have signed binarys to download, no compiling required.
I’m not sure about the wallet, there is the basic RPC wallet already in Zcash, I have heard they are working on one with a GUI but don’t have confirmation.
At least a few days before Genesis would be fine with me, gives me time to update the tutorials and have my computer set up.


The reason for a slow start is to make things go more smoothly. Maybe they do not need everyone jumping on at once. Gives them more time to make changes and bad things (like not being able to find any peers) will affect fewer people. People a few days late will not miss out on very many coins due to the 0.0005 coin per block ramp up to 10.

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The slow start is relative to mining right? I’m talking, however, in the general sense.

I mixed up two different potential meanings “slow start” because I’m not sure they are distinct. Anyone wanting to jump on quickly will presumably want to because of mining. I do not remember the reasons for a slow ramp but it was based on the advice of someone with experience in a launch.

Exactly. It’s explained here: mining slow start · Issue #762 · zcash/zcash · GitHub

I’m not talking about mining only though, but general support for users. Slow start is a good solution to avoid shady starts like the one Dash had. But looking at Steemit, they told everyone in advance when it would start if I recall correctly, however there was no support for users, meaning devs started to mine right away and other user still had to figure things out.

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For the wallet, a client with a GUI would be perfect of course, but as long as there is tutorial so users can create their own via command line with no GUI i don’t think that would be a problem. That was what I was asking for.

Scheduled launch date is now further delayed to the end of October, after another previous delay from July to September. I suggest to remove the due date completely because we have no idea how many more issue will pop up affecting 1.0 release. The scheduled “milestone” are giving users false sense of expectation.


I wasn’t asking for a release date, only for the date, once decided, to be announced with plenty of time for everyone :slight_smile:

wouldn’t it better to let dev mine some blocks before going on public? I don’t mind they front run us just for the slow start blocks, does it help for early hard fork?

I don’t know you or if you agree with the dev funds, but it seems that comment was sarcastic? Why would you want them to start first?

Or do you just want to see a HF?

Is it confirmed there will be a delay? The last I saw from Zooko was “it will probably be delayed a couple of weeks”. I saw a comment from him on github that weakly implied to me that he still had hope for end of september.

I agree dev funds, but there are people want to fork day 1. Read the most views thread in forum here.
Nobody will work for a great project for free, satoshi/etherume team. So I vote to support dev funds. But I do worry the messy situations in eth/etc now. I don’t want to see this happen here.

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couple of weeks can easily turn in a couple of months. It’s hard to give a relatively accurate timeframe in software development imo.

All the more so here because there are only a few devs working on it and they are trying something more new and more complicated (Equihash w/ zn-SNARKS). Raised to the power of untraceable money.

What specifically would constitute a failed launch for a coin like Zcash where there has been no presale and therefore nothing to fuel panic buying / selling when the network is least able to cope with the volume?

@Zer0 re: Dash… What specifically are you referring to?

Anything that people deem as not fair. Like not telling to the public exactly when it launches or doing so too late for example. When I talked about Dash I meant their instamine which is seen by most as scammy.

There are still people for whom the bitcoin penny hasn’t dropped so I can guarantee ‘the public’ won’t have a clue about Zcash anytime soon.

re: Instamine claims against Dash… But that’s just another example of the pointlessness of attempting to communicate to ‘the public’.

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99,8% of the people have no clue about bitcoin to be honest :slight_smile:

Although I’m still not convinced, that’s another topic. Either way, @Voluntary, that proves my point. Even something small or unexpected can easily be used for fud. Which means everything should be carefully planed and communicated in advance.

You can do everything with the best of intentions but it’s people’s perception that matters.