A More "Friendly Fork" of the Zcash Blockchain

We recently read the post https://electriccoin.co/blog/ecc-all-in-on-zec/ and want to second the main opinions of the difficulties that blockchain society is facing today. With a firm belief in the future of blockchain technology, we would like to propose a mutually beneficial solution so that we should cope with the challenges together and share the prosperity of blockchain in future.

We, QuarkChain, are developing next-generation sharding blockchain technology that aims to achieve more than tens of thousands of TPS. Besides great scalability, one notable feature of QuarkChain is that QuarkChain allows each shard (or sub-chain) running different consensus algorithms, ledger/tx models, and even token economics. In addition, any shard could easily and securely interoperate with other shards following our cross-shard transaction protocol.

We currently support EVM-like shards and smart contracts. Meanwhile, we are actively exploring more areas such as privacy technology. We believe incorporating Zcash technologies as one independent shard in QuarkChain network could greatly contribute to the blockchain technology - it maybe the first time that multiple chains could easily work together to enjoy the benefits of the whole ecosystem.

To be more specific, what the fork could result in are:

  1. The Zcash-shard will run the same functionalities as Zcash with native-token ZEC on QuarkChain (in short ZEC-on-QKC)
  2. All existing balances of ZEC will have the same amount of ZEC-on-QKC in Zcash-shard
  3. Existing miners of Zcash could still mine ZEC-on-QKC using existing hardware
  4. All users holding ZEC-on-QKC can transfer to other shards and call/create the smart contracts on other shards using ZEC-on-QKC as gas (and build dApps!)
  5. All users holding ZEC-on-QKC can benefit from the future shard features such as dApp-friendly shards (shards with fast finality consensus such as DPOS/BFT)

What do you think? Please share your thoughts and comments! Thanks!

  • Qi, Founder of QuarkChain
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Can you summarize what people would use ZEC-on-QKC for? I’m not sure I understand the purpose of this idea.

Basically, two major usages

  • Existing Zcash functionalities including confidential and non-confidential transactions, mining, etc

  • Moving the ZEC-on-QKC balance (non-confidence) to our existing shards (chains) that support EVM and run/create smart contracts (this is supported by our multi-native token feature, and ZEC-on-QKC can be used as gas token to pay tx fee or transfer token). An example can be found here:

where the gas price and amount to send will be literally “ZEC”.

In addition, existing QKC users can exchange (a DEX) their tokens to ZEC-on-QKC and enjoy the confidentiality brought by the Zcash-shard. I think this can greatly increase the liquidation of ZEC-on-QKC without traditional centralized exchange.

Well Zcash is open source feel free, I’ll pass on all that

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It will bring more use cases for Zcash, https://quarkchain.io/ecosystem/, nearly 100 projects will benefit from this. It’s not a fork like Ycash or to be another Xcash project, quite different//

That is the privacy policy for website, not for the code.

Currently, QuarkChain is fully open source and it is using a even weaker license than MIT: https://github.com/QuarkChain/pyquarkchain

Just revert to use MIT license, which is widely known.