Time to be bold

What are some bold ideas that can be done right now if you are given a choice? How would we bring more activity on Zcash? Speak your mind


Fast-track PoS and zAssets
zUSD & zBTC would be incredibly powerful


If it was up to me I would get ZSA’s deployed first quarter of next year.

The sheer possibilities and buzz around having shielded assets will attract a lot of developers to Zcash.


I don’t think you can rush ECC development. All that is really up for discussion is the MGRC slice. Probably never going to revert to returning that to miners. Some have suggested a second independent development team.

I’ve suggested funding some joint ventures. Interacting between Layer 2s seems to be all the rage, but I don’t see how just putting a tokenization of Zcash on another chain is very interesting.

I want to see some fun stuff to do on the shielded chain, with new hotness being going back and forth between shielded zcash to shielded ycash. It would be neat to use Zcash as a store of value and shielded ycash as pocket change without anyone knowing that arrangement.

I know that offended some maximalists here, but you asked to be bold. I think zcash’s value comes from store of value, and ycash can be petty cash chain.

Please do. We need this and it doesn’t seem like it will take long to implement. So why not? Changing consensus will take much longer.

case for zUSD, bridged from ETH’s USDC/DAI/crv3pool
enables privacy for non-volatile value transfers
killer usecase: remittance payments to restricted areas

case for zBTC, bridged from BTC directly (not assuming IBC cosmos BTC)
bitcoin is too big-to-fail, and by extension, to-big-for-experimentation, yet it still needs optional privacy at the very least
killer usecase: governments with BTC reserves could participate in anonymous trade with existing BTC reserves. still needing zec for transaction fees (not even going into PoS economics)


Zcash is going to scale to be able to support global population on its L1. It doesn’t need a sidechain for people to be able to conduct daily transaction.

Ycash is an independent chain, it does not need to be a Zcash sidechain. Also, it’s disingenuous to suggest Zcash should amend its governance decision while promoting an ideological chain like Ycash.

Disclosure: I have both ZEC and YEC.

Edit: It doesn’t need

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Tell everyone you know to download ZEC wallet lite and send them a shielded transaction with a friendly message. Lets get the ball rolling. Start giving away tiny amounts of ZEC to people who download the wallet. Educate people about the importance of privacy and freedom.