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As the Zcash community continues to expand and diversify, ECC will host more regular events. Here are all of the regular community calls and events.

We’ll update this list as we add or change these events.

Zeal Calls - Announcement - YouTube

These monthly calls are for a broad community audience with an overview of events happening in Zcash or the larger world of privacy. They also include presentations.

Gardening Club - Announcement - Registration

The Zcash Gardening Club brings together open source developers across the Zcash ecosystem. Each meeting consists of presentations from many different projects and Q&A for those specific projects.

Arborist Calls - Announcement - Registration

The Zcash Arborist Calls are monthly protocol development meetings focused on tracking upcoming protocol deployment logistics, consensus node implementation issues, and protocol research.

Other Community Resources

In addition to those monthly calls, our development community can be found in these corners of the internet:

The Zcash Light Client Working Group is focused on improving Zcash Light Clients. If you’re working on Zcash Light Clients and would like to learn more, please contact @gmale , @elenita , or @bradmiller

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