Add all MGRC candidates to the ZCAP

Would it be possible to add members to ZCAP after the MGRC election? Would the community be open to allowing all MGRC candidates to be voted/grandfathered in to the ZCAP. I think this is a solid idea as I feel that all MGRC candidates are valuable community members. But selfishly I’m hoping this is possible as I am an MGRC candidate who is not on ZCAP but would love to stay as involved as possible in the community even if I do not get elected.


For whatever it is worth, I think ZCAP invites should be made available to any candidate who ran wholeheartedly.

I’m not sure how they could be administered, though. I like the basic assumptions of a ZCAP member inviting another. I would generally avoid complexity but I understand the need to adjust the number of invites to the size of the community.

Maybe a separate election process to make candidates into ZCAP members? This way, one can become voted in as a ZCAP member by offering an platform or agenda, even if they don’t go all the way through to seek election. This may be a sound way to invite new ZCAP members after we’ve reached some sort of capacity.


Mate, I think people are getting the wrong idea about the MGRC - I can see where this confusion came from, but as I said in another thread, the MGRC will need the skills of all the people who dont make it.

Using myself as an exaple, I fully intend to get involved from either side of the fence.

I would like to say that the live stream yesteday game me a much better idea of what your goals are.

I disagree on some points but there is more than enough space in the MGRC.

If you do not get voted on, this very discussion shows how the mgrc should operate in reards to the form and feeback. If I get elected I ill champion the suggestions of the commuity and wll provide feedback - this refining pocess could turn an okay idea into a must I really hope the other canididates do this too - how ever - it is a small price to pay. they are going to have to use ngsss - EXPENSIVE BUT GOOD - we might be able to game leverage if we sign an exclusivity contract.

If I get elected I can star listing companies I have worked with to do thi.


i strongly support this as a way to diffuse some tensions. it is better to continually expand the panel including those who show interest, rather than to simply “better luck next year” people.


I argued that this should be done well before the vote. ZCAP expansion was performed last minute. If ZCAP includes too many outsiders, approval voting won’t lead to predicated result

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