Candidates Group

Hi Shawn, (and @moderators)

Can we please have a group for MGRC candidates. There is a limit to the number of people you can @ in a post.

it would be very useful. It should help cut down on clutter whilst also being able to notify the other candidates that they need to act/answer. So people can ask a question to all candidates.

I dont know how easy this, or something with similar functionality is to do. Id really appreciate it if you could consider it.

I really expect at a minimum that candidates should be using the forum regularly, if nothing else than to catch up on the whole dev fund debate - knowing how we got here is so important.

tagging @dontpanicburns and @kek because i think they would find this functionality useful too.



Sure, I can make a new group and add the candidates to it.

Although there is something to be said for users being more specific and asking questions to the candidates directly. Questions to @ a bunch of users may be more likely to have muddled responses, or possibly missed questions if lots of people begin @ them all in different threads.

For now we could use the tag @ MGRC-Candidates and later once the election has taken place it can be replaced with @MGRC-Members.

I would like to hear the candidates thoughts on this before creating the group.

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it could get messy, but no more messy than it already is. For example nathan posted a lot of very relevant questions in the DC for MG thread. So far, not all candidates have answered the questions. Is this because they dont know they exist, they dont have answers, or they dont feel the questions were aimed at them.

I would strongly encourage candidates to respond in their own threads quoting the post they are responding to.

How do you do that without first creating the group and tagging them? - half of the point of the group is it should hit peoples email notifications.

Yes, I see your point, I hadn’t seen that Nathan was directing his questions to everyone.

I’m going to go ahead and create the group.

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I have made the group “MGRC-Candidates” and added all current (as of today) candidates to it so forum members can message all candidates at once for a broad question. Users can also send a PM to @ MGRC-Candidates which will only be seen by the sender and the group.

All candidates will notice a new title under thier username (if one wasn’t there before) denoting your status as a MGRC-Applicant.

Once the election is complete I can change the groups members and re-title it as MGRC-Members to be useful in the future for MGRC questions.

You will also notice a new section of the forums called MGRC Updates: Community Grants Updates - Zcash Community Forum which is reserved for the future MGRC members to post status updates for the community.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


This is really really useful. nice one.


Thank you Shawn!